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Who is the appropriate company and which equipment can make CCTV Camera disable temporarily?

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Dear Sirs,

We hope everything is going well with you and your esteemed members.

[Overview of the situation]
* Our customer’s military stationed troops are located at a certain area surrounded by civil purblic residential aprtments, buildings etc.
* There is the suveillance CCTV camera already installed nearby and has been operating to perform its surveillance activities for the purpose of the purblic security and personal safety around there.
* The location of this millitary stationed troops could not be protected from the installed cctv camera nearby so it has been raising a big probelm and they could not keep/maintain their military securities.
* So they has been trying to find a appropriate equipments to solve this situation.

To help your understanding, we would like to include the brief diagram for the ussage of the equipments which our customer(Army) is looking for as desscribed in the annex 1 as per attached.

Please let us know if you have any questions at your earlier convenience.

If your esteemed members do not handle this type of equipement we are looking for, please our request in the above to the appropriate company and advise us the right contact points you will transfer then we will contact with them immediately.

Best Regards,



One Response to “Who is the appropriate company and which equipment can make CCTV Camera disable temporarily?”
  1. Living In Korea says:

    The ROK Army does not use Yahoo Answers for finding information.

    References :

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