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Where can i find small CCTV cameras or spy camera to hide around my house?

August 19, 2010 by admin  
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So i have a brother who is 19 and is staying in the home for a week or so while i’m on holiday with the parents, so the house is his.
I want to make sure he has no parties and does not enter my room. The reason i’m doing this is because there are already rumours on the street that he is having one.
So can you recommend me cheapish CCTV or spy cam to hide INSIDE (not outside) my house without him noticing.

You can buy spy cameras online from


7 Responses to “Where can i find small CCTV cameras or spy camera to hide around my house?”
  1. Wurk says:

    You can buy spy camera pen and place it somewhere in your home. Here’s one on Amazon

    If that doesn’t satisfy you, then check out this waterproof watch that comes with hidden pinhole camera. Has 4 GB built in memory with USB interface.
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  2. Celina D says:

    Hi, I have no more idea about and types of CCTV Camera. But, you can find your solution from source mentioned here.

    I have bought a security camera for my office from here couple of months ago and found quality product and service.
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  3. Jade Young says: have a range of spy cameras. My friend recently purchased the tissue box from that store and its fantastic!
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  4. Brenda says:

    You can check out the stuff on They have all sorts of spy and hidden cameras that would probably be perfect for what you need.

    I hope this helps!
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  5. RhysBev says:

    I used

    They have a pretty big selection, I phoned them up and they guided me through what I needed. If you dont want him to notice they sell spy pens, spy toy cars and so forth.

    Highly recommended.
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