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Where can I find an outdoor wireless home security system?

April 6, 2010 by admin  
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I am searching for a decent (not too cheap, not too fancy) wireless home security system to place outside my attached garage. I would like it to be completely wireless, including cameras, if possible. A monitor, preferably handheld. And weather resistant, including cold temperatures in the winter. The more info, the better!(brand, store, price) thanks in advance!!

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3 Responses to “Where can I find an outdoor wireless home security system?”
  1. Juan says:

    Check This, Is a Free Home Security System !
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  2. Emily S. says:

    Would something like this Clover wireless surveillance camera work for you and your garage? – My parents have something similar at a rental property they owe and it works rather nicely. The only thing is, is that ys, this system is wireless, offers color footage, along with night vision, and you can view the footage on a monitor, but I think you may have to order the monitor separately. That same site does offer other surveillance units with monitors included but I am not sure of the wireless functionality behind them. You may want to check them out for yourself. Hope this helps you!
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