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What will happen if i stop paying for service on my home security system because I am now unemployed?

September 29, 2010 by admin  
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i have been unemployed now for over a year and can’t afford to pay some bills like my home security system. the door-to-door salesman was able to sell me on the 5 year contract. of course, i didn’t know at the time i would lose my job a year later. i don’t know what my options are, especially since there are other bills to keep up with. Thanks.

Call the company and ask what the options are for canceling early.


5 Responses to “What will happen if i stop paying for service on my home security system because I am now unemployed?”
  1. DON W says:

    At a minimum, they will disconnect your service, and possibly yank some of their equipment out of your house. They might also try to come after you for breach of contract.

    The first thing to do is to contact them, and explain that due to losing your job you must discontinue service. Apologize and speak in a sincere tone. If they are a reputable company, they won’t pursue it much further. If they are bandits, they will come after you for all sorts of monetary claims. But, telling them the truth is the best way to start.
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  2. wg0z says:

    call them and ask about cancellation. if they dont tell you anything you want to hear, you can still just stop paying nonetheless.
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  3. Ted says:

    Call the company and ask what the options are for canceling early.
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  4. Peter Rogers says:

    Sorry about your situation. Many of the "door knocker" companies use a longer contract now – better for them (makes your account worth more to them, or anyone they might sell it to), but worse for you. We offer one, two, and three contracts for just this reason. What’s worse, it’s probably a phone line-based system to begin with – so inherently vulnerable and unreliable. Sadly, most systems are like this. Even if you can get them to give you a break for a while, it usually makes sense to start over with "next-generation" technology.

    Since you are in a contract, you need to deal with that. Best of all is to work out a deal, so by all means call them. If you have to cancel, here is how it works: early termination language varies from alarm company to alarm company. A general rule is that the alarm company will charge the remaining months on the contract, times the monthly fee – and then apply some percentage to that amount. Our company uses 80%, but we rarely run into this situation. Our customers love us (and the positive reviews prove that out, and unlike other systems, ours really CAN move with you). It’s completely wireless for easy installation, has built in cellular monitoring (no phone required), and all sorts of advanced features that our customers appreciate.

    Assuming you eventually replace your system, go for comprehensive, flexible, and affordable peace of mind. It really depends on what you want your system to do – and today, what a good system can do will surprise you. For starters, the only safe systems use cellular monitoring (no phone line required, no phone line to cut!). Anything else is old news, since even an internet connection is easy to cut. Plus, the company should not charge extra for the cell radio, or add on big monthly fees for cell monitoring. The next thing is interactive services – you will be amazed what you can get today. So here is what you might look for:

    1) 100% cellular monitoring – no phone line required, and none to cut!
    2) Remote arm/disarm capability
    3) Special apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android
    4) Email & text notifications on anything happening at home: doors opening, etc.
    5) Video services – live viewing from any web connection (including phone) and motion-activated clips
    6) Smart home – remote light and thermostat control

    In other words, the game has changed, and most alarm companies are way behind. And you can get a great system that you can install yourself, fully programmed and ready out of the box – that means more savings, and you can add devices at any time, and even move the system with you. When researching, I strongly recommend that you look at all the reviews you can find, and Yelp! is a good place to start. Shop hard, and don’t just focus on the big names: look for safer, smarter, simpler, and more affordable – you will be happy you did!
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    With over 20 years in the alarm industry, I work for FrontPoint Security (http://frontpointsecurity.com), a leading nationwide wireless home security provider. Our company offers cellular monitoring and next generation features the “big boy” traditional companies have not figured out yet. I am offering this advice to increase awareness of what alarm systems can (and should!) do. The more we all know, the better!

  5. redhead says:

    Call the company and talk to them. Hopefully you can work out an amenable agreement with them. If you just stop paying they will end up taking you to collections, it will be a big mess, hurt your credit score which good turn around and prevent you from getting a new job.
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