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what type of home security camera do i need?

December 5, 2012 by admin  
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what type of home security camera can i view from my smartphone???

are there certain types that allow you to do this, if so what type?

I just added a Foscam FI8905W outdoor IP camera.


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  1. orabus says:

    An ip camera will work
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  2. Peter says:

    http://www.cctvdirectbuy.com has the lowest prices on security surveillance products. All of their DVRs are internet accessible and also able to view videos on smart phones once you setup your DVR network. I would recommend purchasing a higher end DVR model for better picture quality. If you have any questions, you can find their phone number and email address on their website.
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  3. M D says:

    I just added a Foscam FI8905W outdoor IP camera.
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  4. Chartles says:

    That is a great question! The simple answer is YES. You can have a home security system that you can monitor from your smartphone. ApexCCTV has a really affordable kit that you can find here: http://www.apexcctv.com/p-1213-2-camera-security-dvr-package.aspx. The included DVR system gives you the ability to remotely view your live security camera feeds from your iPhone. The best thing about the package is that it is ready to install out of the box without any configuring and the free technical support for life is awesome.
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    http://www.apexcctv.com – these CCTV experts are a great source of information and are happy to work with anyone to fulfill their security camera needs.

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