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What is the best home security system on the market today?

August 10, 2010 by admin  
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We have been looking at both the wireless and standard security systems and are unsure which system is the best for our home. Would appreciate your comments. Thanks, David

I think wireless security system is very good for more details just go to following url:


3 Responses to “What is the best home security system on the market today?”
  1. Anand Karaniya says:

    I think wireless security system is very good for more details just go to following url:
    References :
    Advice From Anand

  2. Peter Rogers says:

    David – Great question. You really want a safe, simple and reliable system, and that means not just wireless sensors – you are smart to look into that – but also wireless monitoring. The sad truth is that over 90% of the systems in use today still use an extremely vulnerable phone line connection, or its equally vulnerable successor, VOIP (think Vonage). Burglars know this, and cut phone and Internet lines all the time. The only truly safe systems use cellular monitoring, with a built-in cellular device (this should be included in the equipment price, not an extra charge). Many companies offer cellular, but charge more for the equipment (can be $200 extra), and more for the monthly fee (up to $12 extra). Once you shop a bit, you will learn that it does not cost much (if anything) extra in the equipment cost or the monthly fee for the cellular level of reliability. You may also want interactive features, like remote arm/disarm, apps for hand-held devices, text and email notifications, and even video and "smart home" features and functionality. These are things the "big boys" are not offering, and you would be amazed how affordable they can be. By affordable, I mean interactive features for less than other companies charge for cellular.

    As for simplicity, you can even find DIY systems, which means you can add sensors any time, and move the system with you. Nor should your system cost a lot – but be careful: shop well, and check the reputation of every company you consider, through on-line reviews. A company may sound good, but that C- rating from BBB should tell you something! you will also learn a lot when you talk to a company- too pushy is a bad sign.
    References :
    With over 20 years in the alarm industry, I work for FrontPoint Security (, a leading nationwide wireless home security provider. Our company offers cellular monitoring and next generation features the “big boy” traditional companies have not figured out yet. I am offering this advice to increase awareness of what alarm systems can (and should!) do. The more we all know, the better!

  3. CircuitBoy says:

    I have ADT. I think they are the best for a couple of reasons:

    Cost – They are only about $30 per month with around a $99 install fee:

    ADT fees:

    ADT compared with another company:

    Reliability – I never have false alarms. If you put in some of the systems yourself, you might get false alarms. There is nobody to blame except yourself then. You don’t want a false alarm system calling the police. In my neighborhood, they charge you after two false alarms per year.

    ADT makes you sign a three year contract, so you are stuck with them for a while. I don’t mind. They do have a portability option where you can move after 1 year and take the system with you (they install new equipment at your other house, I’m guessing they re-extend your contract as well). These places all work the same way that cell phone or cable tv companies work. If you get new equipment, they up your contract.

    Now, I have heard some bad things about Protect America, so I would avoid them. They are also more expensive per month. Broadview is being purchased by ADT, so ignore them.

    If you go wireless, wired, I don’t think you can go wrong if you go with a larger company like ADT. They will stand behind their stuff. Wired is nice because you can get that key fob control which is handy to put by your bed at night.

    Some people like to put in multiple keypads in their house with one at their entrance door and one in their bedroom. It used to be so that they could see what zone was going off in their house. If you have a simple house, and your alarm goes off, it’s likely you will care. You will be just jumping out of bed, etc. I would get the key fob instead of the extra keypad and then that way, you can set off the alarm if you need to.

    Those major companies also offer a cellular backup option:

    If a thief cuts your phone line, then your alarm system can’t dial out if it is on a land based phone line. You get the backup cellular option, then it uses a cell phone signal to go out. The costs vary per equipment install. The up front cost is pricey.

    $549 – ouch, pricey. I really don’t know if that is worth the money. Besides your homeowners insurance probably has a $500 deductible and if someone steals all your stuff, you’ll have to pay that anyway.

    There are lot’s of options out there. I’ve had ADT for 9 years and it’s been very good. No complaints here other than a note that they make you sign a contract.
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