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Strip club. Surveillance camera in lap dance booth. Where does the footage go?

April 18, 2013 by admin  
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I saw a CCTV dome surveillance camera in a lap dance booth. I asked the dancer, and she said that the cameras there to monitor the dances, so that nothing illegal happens. The video is fed to hub, where all dances are monitored. Mind you, I have seen dome cameras at other strip clubs over the years too.

Brothers, some of you have either seen this or aren’t aware that they existed. If you don’t know. Don’t guess. Don’t answer. You may refer back to this in the future when you find yourself asking the same question after visiting a strip club.

depends entirely where the club is located.

where they do not go is on inet.


5 Responses to “Strip club. Surveillance camera in lap dance booth. Where does the footage go?”
  1. YYYZZ 2 says:

    Nowhere. Just to ensure you keep your hands to yourself.
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  2. Guru Hank says:

    You Tube.

    There is a free brothel in Prague which operates the same system.
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  3. S says:

    It gives the strip club a way out if law enforcement ever show up on suspected prostitution charges.
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  4. Rob says:

    where it goes?

    depends entirely where the club is located.

    some places keep the discs of up to 30 day
    then delete them.
    others are required only to keep them a few days.

    where they do not go is on inet.

    many places they are required to keep clubs legit.
    References :
    worked them

  5. Clinton Langlinais says:

    As I previously observed in clubs under these rules the primary money makers are the lap dances and VIP rooms. So I first have to remind myself about whether I am designing a fantasy club or a real world one. Because in strip club heaven lap dances are in completely curtained off booths and VIP dances are in rooms as large and well outfitted as a hotel room with a solid lockable door. But I am trying to keep this exercise grounded in the real world. And in the real world four or five typical VIP rooms would yield more per month than the one super-suite. Also if the Lap Dance area is too nice, roomy and private it cuts demand for the VIP.
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