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Should the government start installing CCTV cameras in houses?

October 20, 2012 by admin  
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Obviously CCTV cameras are a brilliant way for stopping crime and terrorism, but what about people who commit crimes in their own houses? If every room of every house was fitted with a camera it would stop people making bombs, smoking cannabis and other crimes, while creating lots of jobs. Also, if everybody had a tracking device inserted into them no criminals would be able to escape! This should in theory completely eliminate crime.

Excellent idea.


12 Responses to “Should the government start installing CCTV cameras in houses?”
  1. Totem- says:

    The only thing that can stop terrorism is to convince people not to become terrorists.
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  2. Robert says:

    What next?Bar codes on their foreheads?
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  3. ? says:

    Excellent idea.
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  4. TicToc.... says:

    Once you cross that line,
    the government will use it for other purposes such as blackmailing people over legal but embarrassing things. Give big brother an inch and they take a mile. A good example of this is the arrest of the film maker who made that video that no one watched and going forward to pin the Middle East turmoil on him. I guess the Obama regime is going for the ignorant vote.
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  5. It's me says:

    Not on your nelly – no!
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    It’s me!

  6. K S says:

    Don’t know about the UK, but here in the US the Fourth Amendment guarantees the people to do as they please in their own homes, regardless of the legality. The excesses of the Crown with the colonists during colonial rule were the precise reason this Amendment was passed. No legislator or judge here in the US would dare to make a proposal for CCTV in homes, violating the fundamentals of the Constitution, as it would guarantee a loss and epic fail in the next election for that person.
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  7. your grandad says:

    Over my dead body would a civil servant be allowed to look into my house on any terms but my own.
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  8. alan85au says:

    what a joke
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  9. old grumpy says:

    You forgot to cover the Toilet. Probably the most important place in the house, where most of the crime is considered.
    You certainly have a sense of humour. Perhaps you should train to become an MP
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  10. EU Dictatorship says:

    No but it has been considered and will happen in the future unless the people grow a backbone and start saying NO.
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  11. Tony A says:

    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. KS, I know you have great regard for your constitution but where in the constitution does it say U.S. citizens can be jailed indefinitely without trial, charge or legal advice? Check NDAA 2012.
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  12. Gould says:

    Ya that may be a great idea to stop the crime.
    But we need to see both the merits and demerits.

    Some time installing cameras house will create some unwanted videos.
    And also babies will be affected by the radiation created.
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