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setting up a pub CCTV system?

February 2, 2012 by admin  
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I require some help setting up a pub CCTV system.

I have the cameras all mounted from the previous owner, and a box called a ‘MDVR’ and theres a number on it saying RS-485.


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  1. Southpaw says:

    Well I do not know the answers, but MDVR is a mobile digital video recorder and RS-485 is a serial communications method of transmission for data.
    CCTV people do not give many trade secrets away, they like you to pay them to set it up for you.
    You should have cameras, a device for recording their output and a device for playing back the visual output that has been stored and a method of connecting them together. Also power supplies for all of those as they all work off electricity. The cameras may be powered from the MDVR though.
    The only site that I can find that gives basic instructions with a few useful sub-menus that may help you is this one;
    Not much help I`m afraid, you might have to get an expert in to set it up, but as you have some of the parts installed already then it may be financially viable in the longer term, given your suspicions.
    Best of luck with it, Bert.
    References :

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