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Neighbors scratching up my car and stealing from my yard?

April 9, 2013 by admin  
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Okay for weeks now I have noticed scratches on my car. more and more every day. Its not bad gashes or anything but it is noticeable. I live in a ghetto-ish townhome neighborhood and we dont have fenced backyards. We only have concrete patios out back but its not fenced in any way. Last night I walked out back to take out the trash and a 200 dollar weight bench was stolen. I constantly get stupid looks from all of the ghetto teenagers with saggy pants but I have no idea who is scratching up my car and stealing things. what can I do?

I would suggest you getting CCTV camera installed in your premises & get your backyard fenced with electric fencing.

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4 Responses to “Neighbors scratching up my car and stealing from my yard?”
  1. Uncle Duke says:

    you can file police reports to document the damage and then set up a video camera of some kind to catch them in the act.
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  2. maggie says:

    The same thing happened to me a few years ago and the frustration that ends up turning to anger is no joke. But I knew who was doing it.

    First, start reporting all incidences to the Police. This will becoome very valuable when you eventually will need to make a claim to your insurer for malicious damage, whether you know who has done it or not.

    I don’t know whether you have access to the outside but if you do, you can purchase a spy camera and set it amongst some plants. If you have none – time to get some. Make sure the camera is an outdoor (weatherproof) one. Ensure you camouflage it so it won’t be noticed – paint it black and green and stick some leaves around it so it etc so it blends in.

    You can buy either a battery operated one or one that uses electricity. I found the electric one better as the batteries had to be recharged (took hours) and they run for anywhere from 25 minutes to a few hours at most.I found the battery one inconsistent. It just stopped working while an offence was occuring! Hide the thin cable under the dirt and place rocks or pots on top to ensure it stays under. If you buy a battery one you won’t have to worry about cables. Important: get one with a time and date stamp!!!

    If you don’t have access to an outside area, then you will need to position your camera inside your home. Check it covers the area you need to surveil before recording.

    If you decide to go for an electronic one, then chances are you will have at least two cameras. You can then place them at areas, either inside your home (if no access to the outside) or outside if you have access.

    Good luck.
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  3. whiteraven.1964 says:

    get one mean big azz dog-after the dog rips his arm off ,the police will then be able to correctly identify the perp
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    in the ghetto 2 1/2 yrs

  4. Punit says:

    I would suggest you getting CCTV camera installed in your premises & get your backyard fenced with electric fencing.


    chain link fence
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    Personal exp.

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