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How to use surveillance cameras in a rural area.?

December 13, 2012 by admin  
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I am writing a story in which law enforcement officers use surveillance cameras to catch arsonists. The site is rural. It has electrical power and cell phone coverage, but not internet capability. How would the police review the data recorded on the cameras? Would they use the internet via cell phone or use the cameras’ memory cards?



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  1. Walter says:

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  2. James says:

    Probably the same as I use on my place. A camera with a card. And a motion detector to trip a alarm. By radio frequency. Once the alarm is tripped it calls in. 32 is the biggest card. 3 to 4 days recording. So they need to change Batt, and card evey 4 days. But with the sensor, And cam. You can set to take 1 to 60 photo.s in a min. or shot in 2 to 5 second movie mode. Time and date stamped. Last for 6 months. And can be well hid. And they have in-fa red built in. Resets in 30 sec. And shot again. These things a great in the summer. You can set them up near the pool. HID. Then when the kids are pool poaching you can video them. Run a extension cord out by the road, set up the old tv. And play there move. Doing what my kids would never do. You are mistaken. Not mine. For all to see. And easy to disarm and arm from inside the house.
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  3. Bob B says:

    With modern technology, it is possible to set up a wireless internet connection or other communications link almost anywhere. It would be technically possible for the police to set up a wireless link to the camera to view footage without going to pick it up.

    However, limited budgets, particularly in rural areas, often result in modern police forces using surprisingly out-of-date equipment.
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