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how much is a home security system?

August 30, 2009 by admin  
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Some one has been trying to break into my house, I have three kids, all teenage girls and I am scared for them and me and my husband. We have 3 dogs but they don’t wake up to every little noise. They do the job 75% of the time but I cant just count on them, because they obviously are not scaring these robbers. I want some kind of security but we don’t have a lot of money, what are some prices people have paid for home security?

Both Guardian and ADT are always running specials monitoring fees are generally about 30.00 per month


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  1. T C says:

    Both Guardian and ADT are always running specials monitoring fees are generally about 30.00 per month
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  2. cakesrjean says:

    I have Brinks and you have to pay an installation fee, I think it was $200. After that it is $32 per month. I didn’t think I could afford it but our house had been broken into. Now, I love having it. Any time anyone opens one of our outside doors it makes a chirp noise. It let’s you know every time a member of your own family leaves the house. I also have a motion detector so when I go on vacation I never worry about my home. Peace of mind is worth a lot to me.
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  3. Elba K says:

    Natalie A, Nearly 4 years ago I had someone try to break into my condo. It was in the evening and the I had the lights off, but I wasn’t asleep yet. I heard a noise at the back door. I ran into the living room and switched on the outside lights. It startled the burgler and I saw him run off. (I assume it was a him). I then called a few burglar alarm service in my city and they all gave installation and monitoring quotes. I suggest you call a local burglar alarm system installer to get your questions answered. Every companies offer a free installation special, so inquire about that too.
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  4. OoOoOo says:

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