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How do I install a CCTV for home surveillance?

May 30, 2009 by admin  
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I have had my car vandalized on a couple of occasions. I would like to install a CCTV for surveillance. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to do this and any recommendations on which equipment to buy. Thanks.

SAM's Club, they have DIY kits for Home Security Cameras.


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  1. Venus V says:

    The first step in setting up a well-designed CCTV system is to figure out where you will view your footage. You have a few options here, you could use your television as a monitor or you could set-up a totally separate LCD monitor for reviewing footage. I prefer to set-up a safe guarded, separate system for recording and viewing. You will plug your 24 Volt AC power supply in at the back-end as well, so make sure you have room for the DVR, power supply box and a LCD monitor. Now depending on your space and situation, you could mount your power supply to the wall, just make sure it's within 2-3 feet from your DVR. Once you have a safe place picked out for your back-end, you need to decided where your cameras will be mounted. When scouting for the best possible camera location keep these things in mind. Make sure to cover all entrances into your home, this includes garage doors and basement entrances. Another idea to keep in mind are possible vandals; be sure to place your cameras out of the reach of A-holes. Mark each camera location with a permanent magic marker, a small "X" will suffice.
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  2. junaidi71 says:

    SAM's Club, they have DIY kits for Home Security Cameras.
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  3. Jordan says:

    I use a sony hi8 camera from the late 90's. These are very good in low light and can display the date/time which is important for legal reasons. The model is a trv66 goes about $50 on ebay. I keep it on the slow shutter and the camera can get a clear picture during the day and night without the need for a junky looking infrared light. I checked out the security cameras at Best Buy, most had no date/time, no zoom, no audio, and not so good for nighttime. The recorder is a toshiba dvd hdd unit with 250gb hard drive. This records for about up to 10 days, 30fps at low quality. Its funny I found this question because my recorder just died the other day after three years of 24/7 use. The punk neighbor kid who thinks he's a gangster is always jumping on my car so I lost all my evidence against him.
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