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How do I get rid of vista home security?

March 21, 2011 by admin  
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I have tried to research this rogue virus, but sites don’t have what to do with the vista home security. Could it be another name for the same program. I used malwarebytes anti-malware, and it said that I have no infections. The program keeps popping screens up telling me that there are viruses. What should I do?

That malware comes in several names. MBAM can be used to remove that but there are other steps that you need to do before running it. Follow this link for the automated removal instructions:


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  1. ttn123 says:

    You probably have a virus just that it a fake virus scanner. You cannot get rid of it until you get rid of the actual virus.
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  2. Bill M. says:

    That malware comes in several names. MBAM can be used to remove that but there are other steps that you need to do before running it. Follow this link for the automated removal instructions:
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  3. Trish&Jason S says:

    omg it such a nasty virus i cleaned mine by opening right clicking everything related to it and deleting it . or reinstall windows, the virus usually disables task manager to. huge headache hope this helps also try
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  4. monkeyjobby says:

    assuming you have some computer knowledge, if you can find out what the real virus is called( try right-clicking on the "virus scanner"’s shortcut on the desktop or whereever it is). If you can figure where it is, restart your computer in safe mode and manually delete it. This happened to me and i figured this out by my self. It might work. Even if everything you open including tskmanager claims to be blocked, you can still check the virus, or even just look for it in safe mode, the virus won’t block anything then.
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  5. Mason Angus says:

    You can’t get rid of security programs that came with the computer but I don’t know if vista security is an actual security program. If it isn’t real you can go into your control panel then go to uninstall/install program section then uninstall it from there. If that doesn’t work you can make another account and delete the old one on your computer, this will most like get rid of the virus. If that doesn’t work you need to take it to a professional.
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  6. SeeMeant says:

    system restore, choose the last one that was made which you will see is already highlighted…just click ok without hesitating
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  7. computer addict says:

    0. Download CCleaner at
    1. Download MalwareBytes , Microsoft Security Essentials, and Super AntiSpyware at
    2.Update them
    3.Restart your computer
    4. Press F8 right when your computer powers up.
    5.Select Safe Mode.
    6. Disable System Restore. (Right click my computer, select properties,
    and select system restore tab, then check turn off system restore.)
    7.Run CCleaner for cleaning and registry.
    8.Do a full scan with everything at once.
    9. Quarantine or remove the threats found.
    10.Wait until each program is done quarantining or removing the threats.
    11.Restart the computer normally.
    12. Celebrate if your computer is fixed!

    If you can’t download the software on your computer regularly then do
    steps 3 and 4 then do step 5 but, instead of selecting Safe Mode select
    Safe Mode With Networking. Then do steps 0-9. in order while your on safe
    mode with networking.
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  8. boss22 says:

    Vista Home Security is a fake antivirus program. I would recommend removing the virus. I would use safe mode when attempting to remove Vista Home Security since Vista Home Security will probably not be able to run in safe mode. Here is a good removal guide for Vista Home Security –

    You can also give malwarebytes another try. However, I would attempt to see if there is another update. The update may allow you to remove Vista Home Security.
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