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How can I arm my home security system?

March 31, 2013 by admin  
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We installed a home security system last week and I have a doubt in arming it. How can I do it? Any help?

Read the Manual that came with it.


3 Responses to “How can I arm my home security system?”
  1. Pamela says:

    Read the Manual that came with it.
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  2. DDI#25 says:

    WHY? did u buy a security system if you have doubts about arming it should have bought a shotgun much cheaper
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    Security systems are meant to keep honest people out just like expensive door locks

  3. Bryan says:

    The first thing to do is check whether there is a ready light in your home security system, that is lighting up on the keypad or not. If you do not have a ready light, make sure that all the zones are closed and nothing has been left open. Once you have a ready light on, enter your four-digit code and press "stay" or "away" to arm your system. If you still do not have a ready light on and your keypad is indicating that a zone is open, call the Customer Service
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