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Exactly how many cctv cameras does the us have?

June 6, 2013 by admin  
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Over the recent years, many big cities have begun to install more and more surveillance cameras, particularly resulting from our obsessive fear with terrorism. I decided to count how many Cctv cameras there are at my city. The amount of cctvs in my city is about 800, and for a population of about 100,000 people, that means there is about one Cctv camera for every 120 people. I then divided this number from the us population, which is about 300 million. The number I got was about 2.4 million. That means that there are about 2 million Cctv cameras throughout the us. Although this number is not accurate, it’s clear that the amount of cctvs in the us is proliferating.

No one knows.


5 Responses to “Exactly how many cctv cameras does the us have?”
  1. xpatinasia says:

    No one knows.
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  2. Big Bobby Clobber says:


    I am just guessing though. You can look this up city by city
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  3. Socrates says:

    You might get an accurate answer of how many government cameras there are, but private cameras could only be estimated.
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  4. Drixnot says:

    Go into any walmart and you will be watched from multiple angles throughout the store except when you are in the bathroom or a fitting room.

    Same goes for the grocery store, gas stations, banks … etc.

    I’m willing to bet that your estimate of 800 is extremely low when compared to reality.
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  5. Dempsey Dumpster says:

    You’re way off, the "EXACT" number as you requested – 17, 493,864.5
    There use to be 17,493,865 but after a traffic accident, only half of one is still hanging on the pole and ………. Oh wait, they just took that 1/2 of one down and 43 more have been installed so the "EXACT" number is now 17,493,907…
    Stop wait, I was just going to submit my answer but I’ve just learned that 16 more are being installed by that new Home Depot so the number now is exactly 17,493,923.

    You’re wrong to about the number of cameras in your own city, you said, "about 800", you can’t ask for exact and give about. The EXACT number of cameras in your city is really only 742, and I don’t even know the name of your state.
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    I can’t help it, sometimes when I see a goofy question, I have to give a goofy answer.

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