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Do you think that they should put CCTV cameras in schools to stop bullying?

March 22, 2011 by admin  
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Bullying is on the uprise and it’s getting worse do you think they should have security cameras in schools in order to stop this?

thats a great idea. hope the schools can afford it. that’ll be a great way to stop bullying in school.


7 Responses to “Do you think that they should put CCTV cameras in schools to stop bullying?”
  1. Jimmy says:

    Sure, if the schools can afford it.
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  2. Siren says:

    they cant fool! not being funny but they would get accused of allsorts. its a problem if they put it up. im not being funny but how are a couple of cameras on the wall gonna stop the bullying. the trick is to prevent it before it starts and once it starts to nip it in the bud. with the right kind of teaching and intervention one can do this no problemo!!!
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    say "no" to bullying!! – the blue wrist band.

  3. cass says:

    This means that they will have to put cameras everywhere, including bathroom stalls and locker rooms.
    Which will breach people’s right to privacy and child pornography laws.
    Also, bullying happens everywhere, not just at schools: if bullies want to be jerks they can do so at malls, the park, or on the internet.
    It is the parents that should talk to their kids about this issue.
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  4. Zacharys Ridge com says:

    We just saw a bullying incident on national news. The bully won and was suspended for taking up for himself.
    Where were the school teachers and the principal. They do not want to deal with the problem so they ignore it.
    The poor kid had been bullied for a long time.

    The other video was a bully cold cocking a mentally slow child. Right in the face. The bully was suspended three or four days for his blatant actions.
    The police wouldn’t charge him with assault and the school would not have the bully charged with assault.

    Sorry to rant.

    In fourth grade, we had a bully on the playground. He never picked on me but he bullied a lot of kids. I formed a group of kids and we beat the crap out of him. He did not bully others anymore.
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  5. Misty Blue says:

    If it helps,why not.CCTV on our streets has helped cut crime so it may be some kind of deterrent at least in certain areas.
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  6. simi says:

    thats a great idea. hope the schools can afford it. that’ll be a great way to stop bullying in school.
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  7. Mario says:

    i think what they should do is lessen the penalties for fighting in school. Honestly, how do u stop a bully? Do u tell a teacher? No, becuz then they’ll make fun of u more cuz they know you’re scared and hiding behind authority. Do u ignore it? No, it’ll eventually eat away at u until u crack. Do u ask them to stop? No, they’ll make fun of u for that too. The only way to get rid of a bully is to put up a fight, throw a punch, and show them you’re not afraid to fight. When they realize that you’ll fight them (even if u lose) you’ll get respect and they’ll leave u alone when you’re too much trouble to bully

    but, in schools, the penalty for fighting is so strict (i kno why it’s there) that u can get expelled for it, when really, that’s the only way to end bullying
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