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Do cctv cameras have to have signs saying they are there?

October 29, 2011 by admin  
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My work have recently installed cctv cameras but there are no signs, I thought by law they had to have signs. Can anyone help?

You thought wrong


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  1. Ar says:

    they don’t have to say everywhere they have cameras. most of them say that on the lobby or main door/outside
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  2. your grandad says:

    No, there’s no law that says they have to have signs. The only reason most people put signs up is so that people are aware they’re being watched and won’t commit the crime in the first place. Prevention always comes before retribution.

    The only law regarding signs for cameras is with speed cameras, where there must be a sign put up to warn motorists of fixed speed cameras (although, ironically there’s no such law for temporary speed cameras or manually-operated cameras built into mobile surveillance units or police cars).
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  3. kieran wilkinson says:

    No, the signs are simply to warn off people – because obviously you don’t want to get caught, it’s just a deterrent.
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  4. SadLad says:

    Why would you need to know that? Are you planning on robbing the place? …Careful….might end up on Jobseekers.
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  5. JOHN says:

    You thought wrong
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