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Why is all security camera footage so terrible?

November 28, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Security Cameras

Every day on the news, there’s at least one story of a small store robbery, or a car that crashes through a window, etc. They show the actual footage from the security cameras and the quality is mostly awful… choppy, blurry, sometimes in black and white. You would think these days they would have [...]

What is the toll free telephone number for the free ADT monitored home security system?

November 28, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Home Security

Was watching a TV commercial offering a free home security system but missed the toll free telephone number.
A toll free telephone number to score that free ADT monitored home security system is 888-529-9215.

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Are perimeter fence & barbed wire enough security for home in South Africa?

November 28, 2012 by admin  
Filed under CCTV System

I just moved to Norwood, South Africa (outside of Johannesburg) from Houston, USA. I purchased a 2-storey house that came with a perimeter fence and barbed wire along the top, but considering the high crime in the country, do you think it will be enough? Should I spring for a CCTV system or something?
No ,unfortunately [...]

What is good way to convert PC display (VGA) output to video-s so that it can be recorded on CCTV equipment?

November 28, 2012 by admin  
Filed under CCTV Equipment

I have a set-up where one workstation drives 8 monitors via two 4-head video cards. I’m looking for a way to record everything that happens on the monitors.
the easiest way is with a patch cable or converter both are readily available rather cheaply on e-bay search for : vga to video-s

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What is th best security system for video survalence?

November 28, 2012 by admin  
Filed under CCTV DVR

want a 8 or 4 to start camera,motion detection, and 8 channel dvr system for my business that I can check with my smartphone via internet? Good cameras. Looking $550 or lower
You cant get a good 8ch system for under a $1000
Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you [...]

What would be the best CCTV camera for long distance monitoring?

November 28, 2012 by admin  
Filed under CCTV Cameras

A few questions here: Is it possible to have a constantly streaming camera that would be around 2 miles away? If so, which would be the best one? Don’t worry about the budget, as long as it’s not super outrageous.
I was hoping to be able to monitor my neighbourhood, for safety reasons, would that [...]

Can you run an internet wireless surveillance camera without internet?

November 25, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Surveillance Camera

I am running a project in which I have to monitor the behaviour of animals for 24 hrs. I’ve set up an internet camera previously, but now I am forced to move to an isolated place without internet…
So I wanna ask – is it possible to run a surveillance camera without internet?? Is [...]

Any other good security systems besides Brinks or ADT?

November 25, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Security System

I am moving into a new home that already have a security system installed, I just want to activate it. Who should I use? I have heard of Brinks and ADT but have no idea if they are good. Any suggestions? Or should I stick with Brinks or ADT? Thanks!
To be honest it depends on [...]

where can I buy a security camera that can show me whats taking place upstairs?

November 25, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Security Cameras

Where can i purshase a home security camera – which can show me what is taking place inside my duplex home.
Most of my time is spent downstairs and I would like to see what is taking place upstairs in my home. A camera which revolves so it shows the living room, hallway, dining room area [...]

How do i get a refund for the Win 7 Home Security 2012 scan?

November 25, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Home Security

We purchased Win 7 Home Security 2012 and then found out two days later it was a scam. We took our computer to a computer repair place and had it all removed and reset like it was from the factory. We want to get a refund for this scam. Who do [...]

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