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How to connect home security to the internet?

August 18, 2012 by admin  
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I have a basic home security system; few cameras connected to a DVR which is connected to a monitor. I would like to know how I can connect the DVR to my home broadband/internet router and be able to view it online. I don’t know where to start or what programs I need. A step [...]

What’s the good security alarm system for home that you would buy?

August 14, 2012 by admin  
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I am looking to buy a home security alarm but i am not sure which one is the best and easy to install plug low price . i also need a wireless webcam for home. please help me find one.
Most experts agree FrontPoint security is the hands-down winner. They provide 100% wireless and [...]

how to tell if it is a old CCTV system or a new CCTV system?

August 6, 2012 by admin  
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how can i tell if a CCTV camera is being powered by a old system or a new one (digital) can the camera give anything away if its an old rectangle shaped camera thanks
If you can see the connector on the wire a BNC connector would indicate an old analog camera and an Ethernet jack [...]