Wednesday, October 28, 2020

CCTV Cameras

Can CCTV cameras track your car so the police can give you into trouble for sitting in a car park?

I always sit in my car at a local train station car park if I’m ever feeling... 

How many cctv cameras does phoenix, arizona, have?

I’ve heard that there’s so many Cctv cameras in phoenix that their highways... 

Exactly how many cctv cameras does the us have?

Over the recent years, many big cities have begun to install more and more surveillance... 

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looking to buy online the best internet surveillance system and camera any store suggestions ?

hey guys am looking to buy home security and surveillance system online which is... 

Is my camera DVR constantly using data if I have it plugged into a router?

Is my camera DVR constantly using data if I have it plugged into a router? I set... 

Could I connect a DVR wirelessly to a computer?

I have a DVR which is three floors down from where my computer is. I was wondering... 

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CCTV Equipment

Neighbors scratching up my car and stealing from my yard?

Okay for weeks now I have noticed scratches on my car. more and more every day. Its not bad gashes or anything but it is noticeable. I live in a ghetto-ish townhome neighborhood and we dont have fenced backyards. We only have concrete patios out back but its not fenced in any way. Last night I walked out back to take out the trash and a 200 dollar weight... [Read more of this review]

Is a human observer needed for a quantum mechanics event to occur?

Instead of a human observer, is it not possible to just set up recording equipments to scan and store the data of the quantum mechanics event in a say hard disk, or flash disk, or cd disk, whatever, one event or even several events; then a human will read the data stored by the recording equipments? You don’t need a human to observe what the... [Read more of this review]

what kind of signal does a BNC camera output?

A security camera outputs a high resolution image through a BNC connector. What kind of signal is it? What can read that signal? Using an adapter to make the BNC into an RCA jack won’t work will it? I would suggest going direct to a DVR or monitor. but you can buy adapters but like all adapters you will lose image quality. If you are looking... [Read more of this review]

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